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Ask a Vet at PetDocsOnCall

After almost 4 years of providing excellent and professional answers to many pet owners' questions,  the forum has been closed.  We regret that this move was necessary, but, as with many forums, the development of an active community is vital to the success of the site.  Unfortunately, this community never really developed as we would have liked.

To everyone who participated in the lively discussions, THANK YOU for your commitment.  AND...most especially, THANK YOU to the veterinarians who gave up their free time to help thousands of pet owners.

Look for our new site,, to become active in early 2012.  This veterinary blogging site will not only combine the great library of pet healthcare articles you came to like here at PDOC, but will also allow you to read and comment on the opinions of veterinarians on many of today's hot topics in veterinary medicine.

Cats Often Forgotten When It Comes to Veterinary Care!

From Siamese and Persians to the outdoor barn kitty, Americans love our cats!   With more than 80 million felines being pampered in homes across the country, our cat friends have become the #1 pet in the nation.  Since they are so popular, it would be easy to think that our cats are probably given everything that they could want or need.   Unfortunately, studies show that cats are much less likely to be given proper veterinary care than our dog friends...why is this?   Watch this video to learn the answers of why cats get lower care!



Saving Your Pet's Vision!

When you look into your pet's eyes, what should you see? Most people would say they might see a scheming cat planning her next outrageous stunt or a sad puppy dog, begging for that last piece of pizza! It's important to understand just how delicate and prone to injury the eyes really are. Veterinarians see everything from minor scratches and irritation to severe blindness or even cataracts. When the eye issue becomes complex, many pets are referred to their own eye care specialist...the Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Watch this video to see the pet eye doctors in action!