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PetDocsOnCall (PDOC) is a website and a community for people who love their pets! 

Of the 60 million families in North America with at least one pet, most say that their pets are just like members of the family.  At PDOC, we agree and want to help you fully understand the medical and behavioral aspects of your pet's life.  If you are looking for help with a sick dog, info on pet symptoms, or want to ask a vet a question, then this is the right place. 

PetDocsOnCall offers a place where you can share stories, photos, and even videos about your favorite pets.  At the same time, you will learn so much - from others and from our medical staff.  You can meet new friends, show off your dog's new tricks, or find interesting fun facts about all sorts of animals. 

We also offer a very unique service.  We have the largest veterinary medical staff anywhere on the web!  Experienced Doctors of Veterinary Medicine will answer your questions.  Simply post in the "Ask A Veterinarian" section and your question will be answered within hours.  Each doctor on our medical staff donates their time to the valuable work of the Veterinary News Network (VNN).  VNN is sort of like the Associated Press for veteri
narians who are also media reporters.  VNN researches and produces fascinating stories about veterinary medical care.  Then the reporters deliver this information through their local radio, television and print media.  This is yet another way we are communicating the miracles of veterinary medicine to the public.  ALL PDOC veterinarians are members of VNN and they all donate their time here in support of that valuable project. 

Check out the "Meet Our Doctors Page" and see short bios and photos of all our veterinarians.  We have even posted their web sites so if you want to visit one close to you, we've made finding their hospitals easy.  

Each doctor on our staff is also a member of the American Society of Veterinary Journalists.  ASVJ certifies veterinarians and their work in all types of public media in order to ensure the viewer, listener or reader receives medically accurate and trustworthy information. No other site on the web has veterinarians certified by the ASVJ!  That is credibility you can trust.   

We are very proud to have the most distinguished and professional group of medical staff of any veterinary advice forum on the Internet.  Over 300 Doctors of Veterinary Medicine visit the Ask A Vet Section to make sure your questions are answered and you are heading in the right direction with the care of your beloved family member.

All our doctors are veterinarians in daily practice!  So for your dog health questions, cat health questions and in-depth pet health information you will get real world practical information.  So join our forum - our pet care community - because you can trust PDOC.  

Please remember, it is a must for you to have a solid relationship with your local veterinarian.  In today's world of medicine (human and veterinary) the best care is received when YOU have a good understanding of the condition and all your treatment options.  That is a main goal of PDOC.

While our doctors cannot diagnose or treat cases through an online forum, you can trust their advice, information and direction.  Their goal is to help you understand your pet's condition and then give you educated direction for better diagnosis and treatment from your local care provider.  

As this is a forum, several doctors or other specialists may contribute additional information after your initial question has been answered.  Often opinions vary according to a veterinarian's experience and region of the country where they practice.  So don't be surprised if several veterinarians enter into a discussion of your sick dog or cat illness.  It is like "rounds" at the local hospital.  The more minds that render an opinion, the better the decision making. 

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the advice or opinion you receive from our doctors, simply click on the contact us button and we'll resolve the problem immediately.  Our focus is on improving the relationship between you and your pets - that's our guarantee to you. 

From the medical and management staff of, thank you for visiting.  Be sure to bookmark our forum and tell your pet-loving friends about us.  You can also find us on FaceBook and on Twitter

PDOC Staff


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